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  • Rectangular Pet Beds
Our Pet Project: Insulated Pet Beds & Paw Cushion
Round Insulated Pet Bed
Round Insulated Pet Beds
Our Insulated Pet Beds feature our New InsulSoft™ insulation fill that will keep your pet cozy, warm and super comfortable. InsulSoft™ insulation is a unique, shredded closed cell foam that’s rated as one of the best insulators. The top is waterproof 600 Denier Polyester fabric with PVC backing. Bottom fabric is black nylon. Comes in three sizes.
  • Filled with our New
    InsulSoft™ shredded synthetic foam for a soft and comfortable cushion.
  • Black fabric is nylon.
Rectangular Insulated Pet Bed
Rectangular Insulated Pet Beds
All the features of our round pet bed (see above), but in a rectangular shape. Comes in three sizes.
  • New soft & comfortable
    Softek™ closed cell foam.
  • Print your business, organization or team logo on front & booster supporters on back.
Pet Paw Cushion
Pet Paw Cushion
Some people prefer dogs, others prefer cats. Here’s a foam cushion both will love! Perfect for pet stores, vets, groomers, breeders and more!
  • New soft & comfortable
    Softek™ closed cell foam.
  • Print your business, organization or team logo on front & booster supporters on back.
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